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Landscape Design: Creating A Memorable Living Space—Landscape Design of Xixi Jin Garden in Hangzhou

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The design of Xixi Village in Hangzhou was published in Landscape Design (Issue 4, 2012).

For thousands of years, community design has reflected and recorded people’s lifestyle, and became part of our memory of a place. When urbanization happens in a short time as it is in China, the identity of community is challenged by mass developments.  New structures may be fresh and exciting at the first sight, but usually became indistinguishable from each other and are not recognized as a living space.  In many cases, attention to details is discarded, demands from users are ignored, and the connection between people and their living space is missing.  Not uncommon, a new community is no longer a place for home, but more of a stage setting for home builders to attract mass buyers, making the gap between people and place larger.  With this in mind, the designers of this project created a desirable living space through a carefully studied approach to reconnect people with their living environment.

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