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2018 ATA Traveling Fellowship Award Ceremony in Wuhang, China

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On November 24th, the 2018 Traveling Fellowship Award Ceremony was held at Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhang, China.  The topic of this year is The Changing and Evolvement of Hometown.  Students were encouraged to return to their family’s hometowns, documenting the stories of their parents and grandparents, reviewing and investigating the changes of physical environment associated with urbanization and industrialization.

13 students gave presentations on their travel reports, and received comprehensive critiques from reviewers consisting of professors and practitioners.

Guest Reviewers of this year

ATA: Mei Sheng

AECOM: Qindong Liang

Xi ' an University of Architecture and technology: Hui Liu, Ludi Dong, Yi Wu

Peking University: Dihua Li, Lu Lu

Huazhong Agricultural University: Yan Du, Renqiang Qin, Haiyan Xia

Hunan Agricultural University: Chen Zhou

Aoya: Haipe Tang