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2014 ATA Traveling Fellowship Award Ceremony in Wuhan

· One min read

2014 ATA Traveling Fellowship Award Ceremony was held at Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan on December 6th.  13 winners from four universities gave presentations on their traveling experiences in North West China this summer.   A Forum on the topic of Life & Profession was hosted between students and jury members at night.

Please click Here for the full list of 2014’s Traveling Fellowship Recipients.

Socio-Eco Infrastructure for New Urbanization, Sub-forum on Urbanization of Beijing Forum 2014

· One min read

Nov 8th, 2014, Ms. Mei Sheng attended the Sub-forum on Urbanization of Beijing Forum in Peking University.  As the guest speaker of Panel IV, Socio-Ecological Infrastructure for New Urbanization, Ms. Sheng gave a lecture on the topic of Mutual Challenge—Review of Professional Education and Practice in the afternoon.  Ms. Sheng participated the discussion session with students at night.

Beijing Forum Link:

ATA Chile: Parral Park Design Submitted

· One min read

Mr. Juan P. Caceres in Santiago has been actively involved in the conceptual design of Parral Park in Chile.  The design was recently finished and submitted for community approval.  The park consists of nine sections that include extensive landscaped areas, ponds and water bodies, outdoor theater, bike paths, multiple facilities for community activities and sports, and a venue for big events for over 5,000 people.  In this design, special attentions were paid to the usability for all ages and accessibility for disabled, and are reflected in extensive design details.

Project Link:

ATA WeChat

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You will find the latest news about the office and projects at ATA WeChat.  Please search “ATA设计”, or scan the code below with your cell phone in WeChat to keep in touch with us.

2014 ATA Traveling Fellowship Jury Review

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The review session of 2014 ATA Traveling Fellowship was finished on June 16th in ATA Beijing office.  Four universities joined the program this year: Xi An University of Architecture and Technology, Peking University, Huazhong Agricultural University and China Central Academy of Fine Art.  The Jury consists of ATA principals and professors from above the universities.  After intensive discussions, 13 winners were selected out of 40 applicants.  The winners will complete their travel plans in summer and give final presentations by the end of this year.

2013 ATA Traveling Fellowship Award Ceremony Forum

· One min read

November 24th, 2013, ATA Traveling Fellowship Award Ceremony was held at College of Architecture, Xi An University of Architecture and Technology.   10 recipients gave the presentation on their traveling this summer and shared their experiences and thoughts inspired from this travel.   A Forum of Learning, Experiencing & Teaching between students and professors was held after the presentation.  The committee member is year come from  ATA Architects & Planners, Xi An University of Architecture and Technology, Peking University and Huazhong Agricultural University.

Please click Here for the full list of 2013’s Traveling Fellowship Recipients.

ATA Beijing 8th Anniversary

· One min read

ATA Beijing 8th Anniversary Reception was held on Oct 24th, 2013.   The guests of this event include ATA’s clients, consultants and friends from four professional magazines in China.   Austin Tao, founding president of ATA, reviewed the story of the starting of ATA Beijing office and shared our projects completed in the last eight years.

Please click Here for more photos of this event.

Landscape Architecture Frontiers: Building an Environmental Friendly Community — Design and Review of Xixi Village in Hangzhou

· One min read

The design of Xixi Village is guided by Low Impact Development Principles. Through collaboration between landscape architects and engineers, a stormwater management system has been integrated into the community’s outdoor space and water features, showcasing environmentally-friendly development. Over the course of the project, issues of collaboration between architects, landscape architects and engineers were exposed and addressed. Longstanding practices of stormwater management must be challenged to assure sustainable development that reduces flooding, improves water quality and enhances overall quality of life.

Please click Here for more information, or contact us for a copy of the article.

Landscape Design: Creating A Memorable Living Space—Landscape Design of Xixi Jin Garden in Hangzhou

· One min read

The design of Xixi Village in Hangzhou was published in Landscape Design (Issue 4, 2012).

For thousands of years, community design has reflected and recorded people’s lifestyle, and became part of our memory of a place. When urbanization happens in a short time as it is in China, the identity of community is challenged by mass developments.  New structures may be fresh and exciting at the first sight, but usually became indistinguishable from each other and are not recognized as a living space.  In many cases, attention to details is discarded, demands from users are ignored, and the connection between people and their living space is missing.  Not uncommon, a new community is no longer a place for home, but more of a stage setting for home builders to attract mass buyers, making the gap between people and place larger.  With this in mind, the designers of this project created a desirable living space through a carefully studied approach to reconnect people with their living environment.

Please click here for more information, or contact us for a copy of the article.