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Baimahe Park Visitor Center

Location:  Xianyang, Shanxi, China 
Client:  Fengxi New Town Development Group Co. Xi Xian
Total Area:800 sqm 
Construction: In Progress
Service:Architectural Design
Designers: Wei Zhang, Moises Santiago Vera Soto, Celia Fu, Michael Antkowiak, Junda He.

Baimahe Park is the National Experimental Project of China. The project is to restore the natural system on site while provide comfortable spaces to the public. LID and Green Building techniques are applied to the entire park. The performance of storm water system and native plants are to be monitored and studied after the construction. The data and results from this project will be collected and used for regional and national level research and studies. The design is a close collaboration between ATA office and Xi An University of Architecture Technology.